Frequently Asked Questions

I’m building a new house, at what stage do I need to start thinking about my kitchen design?

About 2 months before your first fix.

Do I need my kitchen design plans when finalising drawings with my architect?

No, plans and measurements change throughout the process so it is usually too soon at this stage.

I’m renovating my kitchen, what steps should I take?

Take rough measurements of your kitchen, including distance to windows and doors and book a consultation with our designers.

Is there a fee for designing a kitchen plan?

Yes, to cover the time involved in drawing a bespoke plan using your measurements.

Do you supply a 3D plan of my new kitchen?

Yes, using your measurements our designers can show you what your kitchen may look like in 3D format using the latest technology in the kitchen industry.

Will the designer come to my home to take measurements?

Before your kitchen goes into production, our designers can visit your home to take final measurements.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, we require you to book an appointment which you can book through our website or phone our showroom.

Can I buy doors or worktops separately to upgrade my existing kitchen?

Yes, we supply doors and worktops separately and you can view samples in our showroom by appointment.

Do you sell accessories?

Yes, we sell accessories for your kitchen and bedroom.

Can you arrange for plumbing or electrical work to be carried out?

No, we do not arrange for any gas, plumbing or electrical installation. We recommend you ensure such work is carried out by a qualified individual.

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For any other questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 074 91 27495